domingo, 29 de julho de 2012

Eminem – Nevermind (2012)

Informações do CD:
Nome do Álbum: Eminem – Nevermind (2012)
Genero: RAP
Tipo de Archivo: MP3
Tamanho: 116 MB
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
1.Smells Like Teen Spirit Vs. Without Me
2.In Bloom Vs. Cleaning Out My Closet
3.Come As You Are Vs. Just Lose It
4.Breed Vs. 40oz (Ft. D-12)
5.Lithium Vs. Superman
6.Polly Vs. Purple Pills (Ft. D-12)
7.Territorial Pissings Vs. The Way
8.Drain You Vs. My Band (Ft. D-12)
9.Lounge Act Vs. Ass Like That
10.Stay Away Vs. Patiently Waiting (50 Cent)
11.Something In The Way Vs. White America


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